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45: The Sad Truth About Dinosaurs
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March 14th, 2012 - 3:08am
Dave says... I'm a pretty big fan of dinosaurs.  My personal website is called Dinosaurs Eat Everybody, the wifi network in my apartment is named "Rawr Im A Dinosaur", and I have a T-Rex tattoo on my left arm.  It was hard for me to admit that this comic was 100% true.  If they were around today I would eat a brachiosaurus burger every chance I got.

Sorry for the missed week last week.  I was traveling and just couldn't get my shit together in time.  I've been having some writers block lately so it's been harder to come up with comics on a time crunch.
- Dave

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DarkoNeko on March 14th, 2012 12:58pm

...or be eaten by them all the time

Britain on February 24th, 2018 10:14pm

I don't care if it's extinct, I only eat the finest of Emu imported from India!
What do you mean I'm eating human flesh?!