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97: What Happens When You Grow A Beard
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August 7th, 2015 - 12:42am
Dave says... I've recently upgraded my stubble to what could be considered a beard and I've been impressed with how happy other men are for me. While reactions from my wife and female friends have ranged from neutral to supportive, when most of my male friends see it for the first time I receive the verbal equivalent of a Top Gun high five. It really makes me feel like the prettiest princess.

Also here's the full text from the last panel:

"Holy shit look at that glorious face sweater! Beard! It’s like your chin bested a bear on the field of battle and now wears its hide as a trophy! BEARD! Beard! Beard! Beard! Each whisker on your face stands as a noble statue celebrating all that is masculinity. Beard! Beard! Beard! Beard Beard Your jawline is home to an all you can eat buffet of rugged manliness."
- Dave

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